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Zikel Products: How To Make Your Makeup Amazing Without Stress

November 3, 2018

As a girl, makeup is one of the things that defines us. Most of us just use it without knowing the kind of product and color that suites our skin. That’s why you see people wearing makeup that look awkward on them and also, when you use some products your skin will start reacting badly. It took me a while before I could find a product that suites my skin and other skins , that’s the Zikel brand. And I’ll analyze the different kinds of products they have.

We have the Zikel Browfidence, Browfidence is a premium retractable eyebrow pencil with an accurate tip and brow brush all in one,it is very easy and super convenient to use for an ultimate brow experience


We also have the Zikel high definition foundation and Zikel high definition pro matte foundation which offers a comfortable full coverage without clogging your pores and feels like a second skin. Its water based and it hydrates.

Skin work is a vital part of any glam. Zikel makes the work easy with Zikel face primer to give u a long lasting makeup wear

Also, we have Zikel face definer which is the ultimate face definition kit in one neat & smooth compact,designed to suit all skin shade. It comes in a small black spart pallet with a full size mirror. Zikel face definer is so pigmented.

Lastly, we have the Zikel lisstain. This is a 24hrs kissproof which comes in different colors.
Trust me these are the products you need for your skin.

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